Spare Karma

Unpolished thoughts as an alternative to self medication and sleep…


what matters more, the size of the fish, or the size of the tank.


ocean > see

the best tv is the one that washes in from the sea.


march ~ on

In-between seasons and caffeine drips, sometimes you just need to keep moving forward, regardless of what you might step into.


hearts oVer eyes

With hearts over eyes to accent or disguise, the results are the same as we smile instead of blame.



Who says art can’t be catchy. Below is the first song written by my 6 year old daughter and me.  It’s an allegory of acceptance in a world of general discontent (or something she just started singing after finding some crackers in her pocket).

Crackers in my Pocket
(best played with a slow twang)

G                      C9
I got crackers in my pocket
G                      F#
I’m chasing my comet
G                      C9
I have a broken rocket
But I’m gonna keep it and keep it and keep it and keep it


G                      C9
I got crackers in my pocket
G                      F#
I have a heart on my locket
G                      C9
I got crackers in my pocket
And I’m gonna eat it and eat it and eat it and eat it



Dusting off the digital ghosts to decide what to show and what to hide. Lost somewhere between one liners and old photos, decided to start posting our previous apps into pages above.  Resolutions of new originality from this point on.